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An "extraordinary collection of poems."

"I spent a captivating few hours at home last night reading them--laughing and crying and marveling at the variety of pace and tone and the wonderful depths of emotion, imagination, and insight they conveyed."

"You did it--made awe tangible in the face of strong, resilient, struggling, life."

"This collection would be a great gift to all who find themselves in the NICU, in whatever role, waiting on a premature baby."

--  Dr. Mia W. Doron, co-author of Preemies: The Essential Guide for Parents


"Premature" is the collection of thirty poems Scott Landsbaum wrote about the premature birth of his niece and nephew.  The poems explore the range of emotions and medical issues he experienced and saw during the ten weeks the twins received treatment in the neonatal intensive care unit: the separation of parent and newborn imposed by a clear plastic incubator, the joy of birth tangled with intravenous tubes and oxygen hoses, the guilt of mothers who could not carry to term, the miracle of such small new life, the fear of diminished development and death.  "Premature" will help and touch people connected to a premature baby in a way that standard pregnancy guides, web sites and textbooks cannot. 


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